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Leykoskrin (quantification of leukocytes in the sperm)

VITROMED Clinic introduced, for the first time in Armenia, LeucoScreen test to conduct spermogram

What is LeucoScreen Test?

LeucoScreen is a set of media, by means of which the differential white blood cell count in the ejaculate can be determined. This is a rather important parameter, as high white blood cell content in semen may point to the presence of inflammatory processes in the accessory genital glands. According to the latest WHO publications in 2010, normal ejaculate contains not more than 1 million leukocytes in 1 ml. The state of ejaculate with large quantity of leukocytes is called "leucocytospermia". It is too challenging to precisely distinguish leucocytes in the native unstained ejaculate from immature cells of spermatogenesis, whereas by using LeucoScreen Kit, this problem will not arise.

Wrong leucocyte count in the ejaculate may lead to the need for the patient to conduct unnecessary tests for infections in case an increase in the number of leucocytes is detected, and, vice versa, while the patient may have infection , the examination of the unstained native ejaculate reveals no increase in the quantity of leucocytes .

Another significant problem is solved by using LeucoScreen; particularly, if the ejaculate examination fails to detect sperms in it, with LeucoScreen it would be possible to determine availability of obstructive or secretory azoospermia in the patient. While in case of secretory azoospermia, deferent canal patency is not disturbed, the testicles would have lost, fully or partially, sperm production function, and with the help of LeucoScreen it is possible to detect immature cells of spermatogenesis in semen.


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