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IVF with minimal stimulation




IVF technology currently applied worldwide requires patient’s stimulation with considerable doses of hormonal medicines. The goal of this stimulation is the generation of several mature oocytes. Such stimulation has no serious complications, but, however, it subjects the female organism to considerable load. In case of several IVF attempts the woman is subjected to such load for several times. Besides that in many cases injection of hormonal medicines is contraindicated.


To avoid hormonal stimulation VitroMed clinic can launch IVF in the natural menstrual cycle which has different names in different countries (e.g. “minimal stimulation”, “natural cycle”, “light stimulation”). The natural menstruation ripens only one oocyte which is extracted by the doctor through ovary puncture and then fertilized in the laboratory. IVF in the natural menstrual cycle hasn’t been widely disseminated because of its low efficiency in comparison with the standard IVF procedure. Lower efficiency is explained by the fact that not all mature follicles contain oocytes and therefore it’s not always possible to generate oocytes during the puncture. Even if an oocyte is generated the fertilization doesn’t always take place normally. If in case of the standard IVF embryologists select 1-3 embryos with the highest capacity of successful implantation, which are then placed in the uterus, in case of IVF in the natural menstrual cycle there is no opportunity for choice. 

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