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Latvia legalizes export and import of gametes



In Latvia decided to legalize export and import of gametes, reports DELFI. The Latvian Diet adopted the relevant amendments to the legislation in the first reading. Amendments are made to the Law about sexual and reproductive health. They were offered by Ministry of Health at the request of private clinics. The bill purpose as it is noted, consists in that "to improve legal regulation of medical fertilization and to provide availability of reproductive cages (ova and sperm), having lifted a ban on their export and import".

The document was supported by 65 deputies from 100. Five acted against, others refrained or didn't participate in vote. One of opponents of the bill, the deputy Gunar Igaunis from Reform Party, declared, in particular, that "attraction of sperm or an ovum from outside — is dissoluteness". In Latvia for donors of gametes as notes portal, the restrictions concerning age and a state of health work. Removal of a ban on import will allow wishing to choose donors from other countries. The state in Latvia finances the program of artificial insemination. In 2012 for the state account 55 such procedures were carried out, 16 from them were successful (at women there came pregnancy).

This year the state as was reported, going to pay procedures of artificial insemination for 275 women, in 2014 — for 660 women. Due to the increased demand for this program as the Minister of Health Ingrida Zirzene declared, her financing can be increased. At the expense of the program of treatment of infertility and artificial insemination the Latvian authorities expect to increase birth rate in the country for some percent. In recent years, we will remind, population of Latvia steadily decreased. From 2000 for 2010, in particular, the population decreased by 13 percent.


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