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Study urges just 1 or 2 embryos during in-vitro transfers


The prospective study analyzed more than 124,000 IVF cycles that ultimately led to the birth of more than 33,000 babies from January 2003 to December 2007.

The researchers divided the women in to two groups: Women younger than 40 and those 40 and older. The study found that in women 40 and older, transferring more than one embryo resulted in a higher rate of live births. However, transferring three or more embryos in a single cycle also led to a higher rate of health complications for both the mother and the baby, in part because the chance of giving birth to twins or triplets was higher.

These two findings led authors to conclude that women who are 40 and older should have two embryos transferred per IVF cycle, while younger women should have only one embryo transferred, and no patients should have more than three embryos transferred at one time.




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