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The Vitromed Clinic implements the latest technology of cryopreservation of human eggs (oocytes).




The human eggs (oocytes) cryopreservation and subsequent unfreezing by means of ultrafast freezing (vitrification) method is the latest technology in reproductive medicine, which for the first time in Armenia was developed and successfully implemented in Vitromed clinic.

The implementation of the method is recommended:
  • when there is no possibility of getting sperm on the day of puncture during the IVF program;
  • women, who, for any reason, may postpone motherhood, for example planning a child in the late reproductive age;
  • before starting the treatment of cancer prior to chemotherapy or before any surgery;
  • during the IVF procedure, partial preservation of their own oocytes after the puncture.
The possibility of using this method gives women a chance to save their own oocytes and postpone the happiness of motherhood for the future.
Also with the help of this technology the Clinic has set up a bank of donor eggs. 


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